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year of the pig chinese interpreter.....and Mr Zhang's hat

You need the right person in the right place at the right time. You need someone you can trust. The chances are we can identify that someone. In some cases he or she will be a member of CMC, or we will use our proven network to find the right person. And if we don't know the right interpreter for the job, we'll tell you straight. As the Chinese saying goes, there's no point 'putting Mr Zhang's hat on Mr Li's head'.

In Britain:

Social worker
Chinese family networks are very often also family safety nets, but there are still times when individuals need special interpreting support. Someone with medical knowledge perhaps or just someone whose lips are otherwise sealed.

Technical fixer
We could reel off a list of household names of companies we have assisted with our interpreting service over the years (but we don't do that). Whether you are into semi-conductors or musical instrument manufacture, gene pools or water treatment plants, we can find the technical interpreter to get you out of the swim.

Commercial interlocutor
From English to Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese, and from each of these back into English. All aspects of mission management catered for, from breaking the ice, placing the vital phone call, through the nitty gritty of negotiations to the banquet celebrating the signing of the contract and at all points in between.

In China:

Or perhaps you need a hand in Beijing, or Chengdu, or Shenzhen? The chances are we can source a reliable interpreter. And remember, we'll only put Mr Zhang's hat on Mr Zhang's head.