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Chinese Language TRAINING

language training No matter where you go, follow the local customs

Learning Chinese is not that difficult - it's certainly easier than Welsh for your typical Anglo-Saxon to articulate. And learning sufficient Chinese to engender a genuine sense of rapport with your Chinese counterparts is quite achievable. Moreover there is a true sense of satisfaction to be had from being able to utter even broken sentences in Mandarin.

There is no reason to be daunted: Chinese verbs do not conjugate; there are no tenses to speak of in Chinese, nor plurals; the grammar isn't complicated, there's just a few clever particles to get your head round. But what about those tones? There are only four and you'll be surprised how easy it is to establish which one you are using or meant to be using in any given context.

CMC can arrange Chinese language courses to suit your time, budget and immediate needs. In the course of one-to-one lessons, we'll help you interpret all those other little facets about contemporary China that may have been wondering about. Other companies dress up such sessions as 'cultural familiarisation courses'. We just enjoy helping folk find their feet as quickly as possible in China.
So why not take a crash course in Mandarin and hit the ground in China running? Or at least talking.

Here are a few handy Chinese words and phrases to help you shape some genuine Chinese sounds.