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chinese PR Beat the gongs to clear the way for officials

The mindset which gave rise to this classical Chinese phrase still applies in 21st century China. The Chinese government still plays an influential role in shaping much of China's media output, but not by any means to the exclusion of popular or market driven initiatives.

The strategy and implementation of a Chinese media campaign is obviously dictated by the product or service to be promoted and the target audience/s. No two campaigns are alike but in outline this is how CMC can promote a client's profile in China:

1. Preparation of a Chinese media strategy considering the target audience, the geographic spread of the audience, the media (print, web and broadcast) with an effective reach to that audience, and the likely costs associated with engaging these media.

2. Establish directs links with Chinese editors and producers.

3. Generate Chinese materials (editorial, visuals, competitions, cross-promotions etc.) in formats suitable for use by selected media. Transmit to editors and producers.