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Publishing in China Marry a chicken and conform to its habits, marry a dog and conform to its habits

At Chinese Marketing and Communications we've been publishing Chinese titles and helping other
publishers do so in China for 21 years, longer than Haymarket, Reed Elsevier, Penguin and the Guardian Media Group combined, longer than any publisher you might name in fact. Mass market and B2B, we do both. Rules, readerships, writing, media, distribution they've all changed radically. Those who know us well know that we've become rather less radical with time but our commitment to quality content and fair negotiation is unchanged.

CMC operate as hands-on consultants helping European publishers in the following ways:

1. Finding the right Chinese publishing partner. This is straightforward company chemistry, the first part of the process, and it's key. We consider publishing scale, publisher ambition, content supply, editorial personality, government relations and geography.

2. Navigating the details of the law and logistical options and finding the best available solutions . The grey areas conditioning what can or cannot be published in China, with who's say-so, what ISBN no., for how much etc. are in fascinating flux. CMC works with clients to get you through as efficiently as possible.

3. Seeing the title to market. We'll help set up quality assurance mechanisms covering editorial supply, translation, design, print and distribution, all designed to win or increase your Chinese readership.

And when we've done all that together, you the client and your Chinese partner will end up with a web version of the publication, cf CMC will help you to hatch a winner, or to have pups perhaps, but never kittens.
Note: we also co-produce in English in China,